December 27, 2007

DryerFox Again on AIR Beta 3

Recently, Adobe AIR Beta 3 Released.
Beta 3 is a little changed from Beta 2.

So, I want to know the changed part in AIR Beta 3, I tried to correct DryerFox so that it might move on AIR Beta 3.

Before, the introduced article is here.
Doug Schmidt's "DryerFox" on the run to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

This is the DryerFox by which this was corrected for AIR Beta 3.
Please try and fun.
DryerFox for AIR Beta 3
Modified ADF for AIR Beta 3
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) - Adobe Labs Downloads

I found some changed parts.

Changed :
1. AIR API Changed (only a few parts)
| HTMLUncaughtJavaScriptExceptionEvent -> HTMLUncaughtScriptExceptionEvent
| stage.window -> stage.nativeWindow
| htmlContorol -> htmlLoader

2. ADF (Application Descriptor File)
xmlns attribution
| xmlns=""

The others, please check above ADF File.

How 2 Create AIR Application of Beta 3 (from mxml).
1. create swf file from mxml
> amxmlc DryerFox.mxml

Then, generated DryerFox.swf

2. create signiture file
> adt -certificate -cn SelfSigned 1024-RSA sampleCert.pfx samplePassword

Then, generated sampleCert.pfx

3. create AIR file
> adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore sampleCert.pfx -storepass samplePassword DryerFox.air DryerFox-app.xml DryerFox.swf icons

"icons" is icon diretory.
Then, generated DryerFox.air

4. install on your computer
just click DryerFox.air

Original is here!
DryerFox - It's like Firefox, but inside a dryer!

refer to :
Adobe AIR memo
Adobe AIR beta 3 information - akihiro kamijo blog

November 22, 2007

Speed of Life, Drive-In Saturday, Looking for Satellites

The season of winter has already come now.
I will do some talking to the person who entered newly.

The Lecture about the latest web was talking for fresh person.

What should I speak about what ?
I obtained the demand.
It is such a story as "Web 2.0" and "RIA".

Therefore, this presentation title was made "Web 2.0 circumference view" ( or "Web Surroundings") .
We are often looking at the surroundings.
It is the grade which it does not stare but is seen somehow in a corner of an eye.

We will try to give casual look at Web surroundings.

And here is an additional story.

I thought that the my additional story will be an excessive busybody.

However, if it becomes the cause considered about the thing of "your future" of working in a company after this was considered.

I hope that if you become a cause thinking yourself.
I considered such a thought. So I try to talk to fresh man the second story.

I surely think that that it is not so good considers many things from the beginning. I think "Jump before seeing" is right thing.

However, if you will rushes without any considering any points, and there is no method of comrades, equally this proverb "it is no use crying over spilt milk".
I understand that time cannot be back toward conversely. Although it becomes empty gaily except for Herbert George Wells, "H.G.Wells."

This presentation It is two part composition by stories.

Best Regards.

Presentation Download, here.

July 26, 2007

Doug Schmidt's "DryerFox" on the run to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

Doug Schmidt who live in Vancouver, Canada, He created "Cool and Clean" application on Adobe Apollo Runtime.

DryerFox - It's like Firefox, but inside a dryer! on his Blog "Old Doug, New Tricks!"

The application was called "DryerFox" by Doug.

His Original Application has the Apollo Application Descriptor File.
But It was already deprecated and useless on Adobe AIR Runtime.

Since it was so cool application, I thought regret that it can not works.

Doug Schmidt release application with source code.

I just wanna see the application works.
Becouse I modified "Apollo Application Descriptor File" to "Adobe AIR Descriptor File".
I just only done. It can works.

I apologize to Mr. Scmidt that I had my own way without your permission. Please, forgive me.

We want to express gratitude to Mr. Schmidt and to obtain the fun.

You just click below link, then the application install begin. (When you had already AIR)

DryerFox for AIR
Modified Adobe AIR Descriptor File

You need Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), if you want to run "DryerFox ".
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) - Adobe Labs Downloads

Original is here!
DryerFox - It's like Firefox, but inside a dryer!

May 17, 2007

Fake Jobs

Fake "Steve Jobs" appeared. It's Funny.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

It is said that imitation Steve Jobs is writing the interesting report.

Latest article is Below.

"Novell, you're trying way too hard to be cool"

"And it just ain't working. I'm told this is Ron Hovsepian's admin who got forced into doing some guerrilla marketing at the WinHEC conference yesterday. Idea was to lure away Microsoft business partners and woo them to Linux. Didn't work. Meanwhile leading Novell hater Bruce Perens launched a counter demonstration, coating himself in chocolate sauce and whipped cream and saying, "There's nothing sweet about Novell!" He's still being held by local police."

arrests ...

April 15, 2007

Everyday, I write the book.

I write the Book.

Although the book can not publish from the publisher, I call the book just my book. it is just a report.

The Book Contents is
"It looks down at the situation of the web of these days."

Original Full Title is :

" Findability, How to get to Sesame Street?
Tom and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web 2.0
for you who felt lost in Jurassic Park"

Talking about Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Future Web, Findability...

"Tom and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web 2.0"

1st edition released. Please enjoy yourself.
From now on, an insufficient portion will be complemented by me.

I concentrated only on this book more than two months. When I write this book, I sweated, sleepy and my head was dim and hazy.
This book was written that everyone could read happily and as plainly as possible. I was written that I could read happily at least.

Explain for Download:

Since the file size of the created document is large, it has divided.
Please download all the following files (14 pieces) to the same folder.
then, please execute the program which combines a file (sesame.exe -- Please double click")
Then, a screen (window) will come out, please push the button "Browse" and specify "the folder different from the downloaded folder." Please push the button of "Join", if you specify the folder which generates PDF.
It is made one PDF file and puts on the place.(Only Windows)

March 03, 2007

Saturn Skyline, The Rings of Saturn, like a Baumkuchen

The Rings of Saturn. Is this the "Saturn Skyline" ? It is very beautiful.
By the way, if when comes, can we go to the universe ordinarily?

Cassini Returns Never-Before-Seen Views of the Ringed Planet - 03.01.07

"Finally, here are the views that we've waited years for," said Dr. Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo. "Sailing high above Saturn and seeing the rings spread out beneath us like a giant, copper medallion is like exploring an alien world we've never seen before. It just doesn't look like the same place. It's so utterly breath-taking, it almost gives you vertigo."

I just remember "Baumkuchen".

Because I am a glutton?

Did you?

January 11, 2007

Java Changes in Tiger, Have a nice day

I revised Text of Java 5 (a.k.a Tiger). It corrected a little bit.
and I uploaded simple sample source code of text. You can check JDK 5 yourself immediately. Have fun.

Have a nice day. =|:-P

Java Changes in Tiger - Java Programming Language has New Grammar Enhancements in JDK 5