April 15, 2007

Everyday, I write the book.

I write the Book.

Although the book can not publish from the publisher, I call the book just my book. it is just a report.

The Book Contents is
"It looks down at the situation of the web of these days."

Original Full Title is :

" Findability, How to get to Sesame Street?
Tom and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web 2.0
for you who felt lost in Jurassic Park"

Talking about Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Future Web, Findability...

"Tom and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web 2.0"


1st edition released. Please enjoy yourself.
From now on, an insufficient portion will be complemented by me.

I concentrated only on this book more than two months. When I write this book, I sweated, sleepy and my head was dim and hazy.
This book was written that everyone could read happily and as plainly as possible. I was written that I could read happily at least.

Explain for Download:

Since the file size of the created document is large, it has divided.
Please download all the following files (14 pieces) to the same folder.
then, please execute the program which combines a file (sesame.exe -- Please double click")
Then, a screen (window) will come out, please push the button "Browse" and specify "the folder different from the downloaded folder." Please push the button of "Join", if you specify the folder which generates PDF.
It is made one PDF file and puts on the place.(Only Windows)

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