December 27, 2007

DryerFox Again on AIR Beta 3

Recently, Adobe AIR Beta 3 Released.
Beta 3 is a little changed from Beta 2.

So, I want to know the changed part in AIR Beta 3, I tried to correct DryerFox so that it might move on AIR Beta 3.

Before, the introduced article is here.
Doug Schmidt's "DryerFox" on the run to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

This is the DryerFox by which this was corrected for AIR Beta 3.
Please try and fun.
DryerFox for AIR Beta 3
Modified ADF for AIR Beta 3
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) - Adobe Labs Downloads

I found some changed parts.

Changed :
1. AIR API Changed (only a few parts)
| HTMLUncaughtJavaScriptExceptionEvent -> HTMLUncaughtScriptExceptionEvent
| stage.window -> stage.nativeWindow
| htmlContorol -> htmlLoader

2. ADF (Application Descriptor File)
xmlns attribution
| xmlns=""

The others, please check above ADF File.

How 2 Create AIR Application of Beta 3 (from mxml).
1. create swf file from mxml
> amxmlc DryerFox.mxml

Then, generated DryerFox.swf

2. create signiture file
> adt -certificate -cn SelfSigned 1024-RSA sampleCert.pfx samplePassword

Then, generated sampleCert.pfx

3. create AIR file
> adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore sampleCert.pfx -storepass samplePassword DryerFox.air DryerFox-app.xml DryerFox.swf icons

"icons" is icon diretory.
Then, generated DryerFox.air

4. install on your computer
just click DryerFox.air

Original is here!
DryerFox - It's like Firefox, but inside a dryer!

refer to :
Adobe AIR memo
Adobe AIR beta 3 information - akihiro kamijo blog

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