March 22, 2011

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Putzmeister M52

Secret Machine (Scorpion) Come. 
Thunderbirds Are Go!

+[Saturday, March 19, 2011]

Draining water off is planned to the nuclear power plant from 58m on the ground.
A government and new machine parts are procured.
原発に地上58mから放水へ 政府、新機材投入

+[Sunday, March 20, 2011]

The raw concrete car the pinpoint drains water off from 58m on the ground.

+[Monday, March 21, 2011]

"Ultimate Weapon of Water Cannon Car" that the vehicle like the rumored huge scorpion, it is scheduled to go to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
福島第1原発に「放水の最終兵器!? 」とも噂される巨大サソリのような車両が投入される #jishin

a isomorph vehicle that it seems when used this time.

The government decided a pinpoint draining water off to the third in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant  machine  to begin by using the ready mixed concrete force feed car made by the Putzmeister company of Germany on the 19th.

The first photograph is a isomorph vehicle that it seems when used this time.

The function of the vehicle can discharge the ready mixed concrete of 150 tons per hour by turning the heat with the pump.

This vehicle is mainly used for the height to carry raw concrete because of the convex layer building construction etc.

If water is put in by using this vehicle instead of raw concrete, water can be drained off to the spent fuel storing pool of the third machine located in 30 meters on the ground accurately.

seems like a scorpion



A Chinese enterprise donates the pumper truck for the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The nuclear accident: 62m pumper truck that Tokyo Electric Power Company had requested, It left from the enterprise in China to Japan.

Smoke spews from two reactors at stricken Japanese nuclear plant

Japan Britons given iodine tablets

+ [Putzmeister on YouTube]

putzmeister M52

putzmeister 62-6 bombeando en puente

Putzmeister M 70-5

70 Meter Putzmeister

+[Putzmeister Holding GmbH]

Putzmeister - Truck mounted concrete pump M 52-5

Putzmeister - Truck mounted concrete pump M 70-5

Putzmeister - Putzmeister Holding GmbH

Putzmeister concrete pump helps on Fukushima reactor - News from CNN

Range of movement of arm


Putzmeister - Truck mounted concrete pump M 52-5

Putzmeister - Truck mounted concrete pump M 58-5

また今後(中国から提供して頂けるらしい)日本に到着予定の車両は、62mまでリーチがあるということから、M62-6 か M63-5と想像出来ます。謝謝。

Putzmeister - Truck mounted concrete pump M 62-6

Putzmeister Truck mounted concrete pump M 70-5




" I am happy to meet you.
  Can we borrow Putzmeister M70-5 from Germany?
  Thank you for your tenderness.
  Thank you very much.
  See you again."

" Ich freue mich, Sie kennen zu lernen.
  Darf ich Sie etwas fragen?
  Können wir Putzmeister M70-5 von Deutschland borgen?
  Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.
  Danke schön.
  Sehen wir uns wieder."


Putzmeister has the machine sent by compressing mud.
This is the Jet Mole ?

the machine sent by compressing mud

Jet Mole
Thunderbirds Models - The Pod Vehicles


Thunderbird 2 with container 3

Where is the Thunderbird 2 ?
Where is Virgil ?

Thunderbird 2

Anyway, Thunderbirds Are Go!


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